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Авто Love Story: Delorean DMC-12

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Олег Карпов, владелец уникального Delorean DMC12, рассказывает про свой автомобиль: история автомобиля, особенности покупки и необычные вещи при эксплуатации,

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Oleg Karpov is the owner of a unique car for Russia the Delorean DMC12. Such cars had been produced for only three years and nobody would have known them, if it had not been the legendary trilogy "Back to the Future", in which the Delorean became one of the main characters of the film. These cars are just few in Russia, and there are only two "runners". One of these copies is in Nizhniy Novgorod. Oleg tells us an interesting story about how he got this car and, what alterations in the design had to be done and what unusual situations happened to him while in operation.

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